Tuesday, 25 August 2015

An Introductory Video on Muslim Mate

Last week, we talked about a recently launched Islamic reference app for iPhone and iPad called Muslim Mate. This week I’m going to share with you guys an introductory video of the app which reveals all the features that we discussed the other day. This is a sort of an orientation video and I’m sure they’ll be back with more comprehensive tutorial videos on Muslim Mate. Here are some links which might be helpful to you:

Blog: http://www.weathermate.net/category/blog/  

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Track and Reinforce Your Emotions

I’m back guys but recently I’ve been through a lot emotionally. I’ve had tons of mood swings and been actually on an emotional rollercoaster ride. I tried to turn to my friends and near and dear ones just to vent my highly charged sentiments out. Just to calm myself down. And then I caught glimpse of this nice and new innovative app at the Apps Store called Moodnotes. The app does precisely what you are thinking. It’s a sort of a mood journal or a mood diary that helps you extract your emotions out and even get to know what thoughts really trigger those emotions. I’ve been using it since then and have found it quite good so far. Let me share with you how it actually feels and look like!

Well, the app has a simple interface with a creamy white and beige background while the typefaces are a bit inconsistent throughout the different screens. The developers have used varying icons to represent different feelings and they are pretty simple and yet cool. The Mood Notes section is the main one that is displayed once the app is launched and it contains all your mood related entries with respect to date and time. To add a new entry, simply tap on the Add button in the Mood Notes section and swipe up or down to choose the icon best representing your mood at the moment. Once selected, you can either go for a Quick Save or add some further details.

The app then asks you some basic questions and then provides you with a list of positive and negative emotions to choose from. Just select the one that best suits you and also specify its intensity by dragging your finger across the bar. Another unique attribute that Moodnotes possesses is that it also suggests certain thoughts that might be responsible for your current emotional condition and some measures that can help you get out of it as well. Then, there is the Mood Trends section which can be accessed from the side panel menu. It furnishes some summarized details of your mood patterns over days and weeks through line graphs and can help you determine what actually leads to your mood variations.

Over the past couple of weeks, I found out that weather has also had some tangible effects on my moods. So, I compared my mood trends with the weather patterns using my trusted Weather Mate. The results were quite interesting but I won’t be sharing them with you in this post. Perhaps some other time. But getting back to Moodnotes, it is a pretty good app. It might need a few tweaks but overall you should try it out.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Muslim Mate: Your Trustworthy Companion

The weather in the recent days has been acting quite abnormally and the climate patterns have seen quite a bit of shifts. You guys must be exploring the best weather app for iPhone and iPad with the help of those lovely tutorials on the weather maps feature in Weather Mate. But it’s been some time since I introduced my loyal readers to any new app for their gorgeous Apple gadgets. Well folks, the wait is pretty much over as I’ll be introducing a very fine quality app to you this week. The app’s called Muslim Mate and is being proclaimed as the most comprehensive and advanced Islamic app around. So, let’s just take a sneak peek into the app.

Being a reference app, Muslim Mate is full of really useful resources for the Muslims; resources which can help them seek the pleasure of their Creator. The app has a very user friendly interface coupled with subtle edge-to-edge graphics. The home screen of the app portrays tons of information ranging from the time remaining in the next prayer to the sunset and sunrise times. Expected weather conditions for the upcoming prayer and the prayer timings for the next prayers are also displayed on this page. All the main features of the app can accessed from the home page which makes the app really easy to use.

Talking about the key features, Muslim Mate contains a lot of them. Al Quran is the most comprehensive feature in the app. The users can read the Holy Quran in Arabic while transliterations and translations in multiple languages are also available. Recitation speakers can be selected while their audio files can be downloaded and managed from within the app. The app supplies a daily verse while its notification centre widget is simply awesome to use. Other features include zakat calculator, Ramadan Timings, Islamic events, Islamic places etc. To get to know all the features, download the app for free at the iTunes Store. All in all, Muslim Mate is an app for all ages ranging from adults to children and for all seasons, festivals and occasions.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Tutorial Video on Active Fires Overlays in Weather Mate

Last week we had a look at our Go-To Weather App! This week I’m going to share with you guys a tutorial video on the weather maps feature in Weather Mate. This latest video discusses the Active Fires overlays which provide an overview of the wildland fire situation along with information regarding the density of smoke. Moreover, insight is given into the satellite detected fires feature and how various satellite imageries could be obtained. Sounds pretty cool, eh? To know more in detail about this overlay and how you can use it make predictions about the weather in your area, check these resources out:

WeatherMate Blog: http://www.weathermate.net/how-do-weather-maps-work-in-weathermate-part-v/

Tutorial Video: