Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Looking for a Go-To Weather App???

The smartphone app market has seen a number of weather apps on its horizon of late. Different users go for different apps in accordance with their tastes and likings. I also tend to keep a weather app always in my iPhone. What do I do with it? Not a lot, honestly speaking. Just to know about what the week’s weather is going to be like. The day’s temperature and its variations during the coming days and that’s it. However, recently I came across an app which totally changed my views about weather apps in fact I would go on to say that it gave paradigm shift to my opinions about the weather. The app is called Weather Mate and I thought why shouldn’t I share it with you guys.

The app’s really cool with a nice, clutter free yet elegant interface with lovely smooth animations to boot. The app on being launched for the first time automatically configures your current location based on which your weather information is displayed on the home screen. I wanted to see the day’s temperature on the app’s home screen. I was amazed to see that WeatherMate does far more than that. My location’s temperature was displayed on the app’s icon and so if I just wanted to know the temperature, I would not have to bear the hassle of even opening the app. An interesting feature that made me into a kind of weather geek was the weather maps with fluid overlays and layers.

You can choose different satellite and radar maps according to your choice and get all the alerts, warnings, advisories and statements right from the app. What’s more the weather forecasts are very accurate and hyper-local as the app makes use of the hundreds of personal weather stations to bring to you the most localized weather predictions. You can even get to plan your holiday while using the Travel Planner feature which can let you know the prospective weather conditions of your holiday destinations.

Overall, Weather Mate is a pretty handy app to be in your iPhone. You can do tons of weather related stuff plus get to know a lot of interesting things about your everyday weather. I would definitely suggest you to go for your WeatherMate!

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