Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tutorial Video on Severe Weather Alerts Overlays in Weather Mate

Last week, I shared with you a video on the Temperature Gradient overlays. This week I’m going to share yet another tutorial video related to one of my all time favourite apps for iOS: Weather Mate. As you know that Weather Mate is user friendly weather app that provides you access to accurate, reliable and hyperlocal weather information and comes equipped with a number of mind boggling features. Weather maps is one of such features which is full of useful information for the weather junkies. The tutorial for today covers the Severe Weather Alerts overlays in this feature of Weather Mate. Severe Weather Alerts keep you updated regarding all the necessary warnings, watches, statements and advisories from National Weather Service (USA/Canada) and MeteoAlarm (Europe). To learn more, visit the links below:

Tutorial Video:

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