Friday, 22 May 2015

An Innovative Audio Player for Music Lovers

My today’s post is written exclusively for those of you who still follow the old practice of storing songs locally on their devices rather than listening to online music streaming. The app in focus today is Marvis Music Player. Its interface has been beautified by transparency and blurring effects in the background with album art. However, it is quite cluttered which could be a turn off for some of you. Music is stacked in various categories such as playlists, artists, songs, albums and genres. The user can switch between different views of music either by tapping on the category tabs of simply by swiping horizontally.

Once a song is played, a small music player is triggered which contains music controllers. If one taps on this player, full playback screen can be accessed. However, even the smaller music player displays basic information such as the name of the song being played and full album information. The app can be synced with a third party lyrics app as well since it fetches its lyrics data from that app. A built-in lyrics trove would have been a splendid addition in the app.

While listening to music on Marvis Music Player, long-pressing a song displays a pop up with detailed information of the song and the user can also select when to play it, up next or at the end of the queue. The app also provides search functionality which can accessed by tapping on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner. The app also allows the users to customize its certain features such as display of songs in varying number of rows, search filters and other such options.

All in all the app is a pretty cool one if you are into listening to stored music in your iPhone. I’ve been using the app for listening to music while using the best weather app for iPhone and been enjoying my travels. You should give it a try too!

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