Thursday, 7 May 2015

Enhance Your Calendar Experience with Streamline

After being away for almost a week, I’m back. I was just not feeling well and in fact spent almost my whole last week lying in my cosy bed due to the severe throat infection I had caught. But thankfully I’m up and running and hale and hearty. Hey tell you something, you guys must be wondering if I’ve brought a new app for your Apple gadgets. HELL YEAH!!! Streamline is a new app that promises to give a new shape and outlook to your schedules and is quite successful in what it promises. So, let’s just get on with it and not waste any more time. Because TIME IS PRECIOUS! You know :)
As the name would suggest, the app places the schedules in a timeline view which can be seen in terms of hours, days and weeks. This allows to have a look at more information at a single glimpse. The app does not provide much leeway in the realms of customization and sports a simple interface without involving a lot of complexities. On being launched for the first time, the app requires permission to access the iOS’s inherent calendar app to retrieve data. By tapping on to the button in the top left of the screen, the user can select the calendar to be displayed.

The timeline view breaks the hours, days and weeks down in varying intervals interspersed with schedules. Events can be added via the “New Event” button and the user can enter the credentials of the event in the respective fields. The app, however, lacks reminders for events and other such things. Overall, it is just a calendar which provides a different perspective to your schedules. I’ve been impressed by its minimalistic design and simplicity. If you want a lot more customization options, then Streamline is not for you. However, for those who want a simple calendar app to avoid the monotony of the inherent iOS calendar app, then it is the way to go!

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