Monday, 18 May 2015

Horizon 3: Your Weather Based Event Scheduler

Time flies, they say and as I have sat down on my study table for my new blog post, I feel as if it’s been decades since our last contact. So, let’s just not waste too much time in the salutations and stuff and better get down to the business. Today, I’ll be introducing you guys to this new weather based event scheduler called Horizon 3 that packs your schedule and weather forecast into one single app. To start off with the app review, let’s discuss its design and interface. The app has a minimalistic design with decent colorful backgrounds.

The app, on being launched, has your schedules stacked in front of you in the shape of agenda lists with the start and end timings of a single event towards its left while the temperature and weather condition expected during that timeline presented towards right. The most immediate event is highlighted in the header bar while new events can be added using the “+” button in the bottom right of the screen. The app derives its data from the iOS’s inherent calendar app which can be accessed from the cog button in the bottom left corner. The user can also get access to the month’s view via the Month button stationed near the cog button.

The app has a built in smart search functionality with natural language input. In order to add a new event, tap on the “+” button and type in the relevant details using natural language input into the popped up menu. The app fetches the associated weather forecasts in addition to providing an option which makes the app inform the user about any change in the forecasted weather. All in all, it’s a pretty decent app which is able to achieve its targets. However, with regard to the accuracy of weather forecasts and travel planner feature, Horizon 3 is not able to dethrone weather app which is best for iPhone and iPad from my preferences. If you want to learn more about this multipurpose weather app, just go through my previous post on the blog.

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