Thursday, 30 April 2015

Pacemaker Makes Your Heart Beat Faster with its Fine Music Mixes

Everyone likes music and with the modern day technological developments, one can get access to different shades and genres of music using various tools and platforms. Disk Jockeying has emerged to be an art performed by the most skillful and novices such as me wouldn’t have even imagined of trying their hands on the complex maneuvers pursued by these experts in another world. Pacemaker is a new iOS app that gives you this wonderful opportunity to carry a pocket DJ wherever you go. So, let’s just get to know the app a bit and discover what it has to offer to music junkies.

The app’s interface is nice and subtle as it blends seamlessly into the iOS aesthetics. With its dark colored backgrounds, your multi-colored album art is highlighted vibrantly. Overall, the app’s design is quite attractive and the developers seem to have put in a lot of hard yards in making the look and feel of the app fascinating. How does the app work? Well, it’s very simple and you wouldn’t have to do a lot of playing around with the app. Just choose a song of your liking from your iTunes song collection or from Spotify if you have a premium subscription available. The app then goes onto display a host of other songs (from among your collection) that could be added in the mix. Once, the mix is ready, off you go with your DJ mashup. As simple as that!

The app also allows you to add different sound effects via the “fx” button in the middle of the album artwork. Tapping onto it leads you to a circular dial where you can customize Bass, Middle and Treble frequencies. If you want additional effects, then you will have to purchase the pro version of the app. All in all, a nice app to have for your iOS. I enjoy listening to my music on Pacemaker. What about you?

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