Sunday, 26 April 2015

Keep Your Time Tracked with Rewind!

It’s been a long time since my last post. Just been a bit busy with the hectic university schedules and my personal as well as family pursuits. Anyways here I am striving to review a new iOS app. My last post was for the weather enthusiasts (in search for the Best Weather App for iPad) such as me but considering my busy engagements, I thought it better to introduce you to a new app that I’ve been using lately to keep track of my time, where I tend to be spending most my time. This is a handy app that I found quite fascinating, so here’s its brief overview.

The app’s called Rewind and it’s user interface gels in quite nicely with iOS 8. White is the predominant theme of the app while the other objects and graphs including both the bar and pie graphs appear to be vibrantly colored against the white background. The gestures and transition animations are smooth and fluid. `As the app’s purpose would suggest, the user adds places giving them different names, colors and choosing between monitoring and or calendar export. Area radius can also be set up in metres which would let the app know when to start tracking time and when to stop.

There’s a slight downside to the app, however. With Rewind’s free version, the users can save up to just one place for which the app will track time. To add more places, the users are required to upgrade their app to Pro using the in-app upgrade feature. Monthly, weekly or yearly reports can also be extracted through the app can also export your time reports to iCal.  The time spent at every distinct location is shown as disparately colored blocks while diagonal lines appear on the block/bar currently being pursued.

I’ve quite liked the idea of the app as it helps me know the time distribution of my activities at various places. It’s minimalist design makes the app any easy-to-use product as well. It’s a definite YES from me for Rewind!

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