Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Get Your Weather Robotified with Carrot Weather

The apps market has been littered with weather apps and we also have been discussing quite a few weather apps. My penchant for travel, exploration and weather drives towards using various weather apps and I’m back again with another weather app to scrutinize and review. Last month I told you how sharing weather conditions can do you a hell of good. This weeks’ app, Carrot Weather, literally robotifies your weather conditions. The app sports a beautiful clutter free user interface as the app backgrounds change to match the present weather conditions in the area. Animations are smooth and fluid and certainly possess the requisite intrigue.
The app determines the device’s location, on being launched, and then portrays the local weather. In addition to real life locations, the app has about 21 clandestine locations based on fiction and movies. The app shows information regarding a number of weather parameters such as wind speed, direction, precipitation, humidity, dew point etc. Moreover, the app also presents hourly, daily and weekly forecasts while the user can toggle in between them to choose the prediction of one’s own choice. Carrot Weather lacks detail oriented weather features such radar and satellite maps and graphs. Also, the app does not include effective and intuitive gestures much to the dismay of a lot of weather buffs.

The users can add and delete custom locations using the Settings tab in the top right corner of the home screen. Carrot actually has a female robotic voice for which more than 2000 phrases have been pre-recorded while the users can also make use of a custom widget in the app. Overall, the app has attractive features with a decent interface and fetches data from Forecast.io. However, it does not contain enough of credentials to topple Best weather iPad app from its place in my opinion.

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