Friday, 10 April 2015

Edit Your Photos with Filters

My obsession with travels, adventures and photography makes me test every new image editing app in the market. Filters is yet another photo editor which is simple and avoids any complications. As the name would suggest, this application provides access to a range of overlays and filters that would add new dimensions to your photographs and would be hard to get with other paid apps in the market. As far as the user interface is concerned, Filters sports a minimalist clutter free interface which contains menu icons which are free of any labels and yet easily recognizable by the users. The menus are displayed against black backdrops which makes it comfortable to see the changes in the pictures when different filters are applied on them.

The application also provides an introductory tutorial of the simple procedures involved on being run for the first time. Photographs cannot be taken directly using Filters and have to be captured using the inherent camera app in your iPhone. The three main functions that this app furnishes include filters, overlays and adjustments. The various categories of filters present in the app are monochromatic, vintage, dramatic, cool and warm. Similarly, texture, color and light leaks overlays are available for the user in this app. Once you tap any category of filters or overlays, a preview pops up for you to decide whether this effect will suit your needs or not. On selecting the preferred tool, its’ strength can be enhanced or reduced using the intensity slider.

Filters also include basic picture adjustment tools such as brightness, contrast, temperature, exposure and saturation. Images can be zoomed in or out using multitouch gestures while the edited image can also be compared with the original one to gauge the extent of change. Overall, it is a pretty good app to have in your iOS and I would definitely recommend it.

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