Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Forget Your Forgetfulness with Due

I remain so pre-occupied in my day-to-day pursuits that more often than not I happen to forget the one-off tasks that are not part of my daily routine. I am habitual of looking for the day’s temperature whenever I get up in the morning on my iPhone’s home screen. The Best Weather App for iPad helps me greatly in this regard as the temperature is available on the app’s icon and I do not even have to wait for the app to load and open. But that’s my habit guys and you kind of unintentionally tend to keep doing things you are habitual of without forgetting even once. Don’t you? It’s the things that aren’t a part of your daily calendar that you can forget. Do you get worried? Well, don’t be now!

Due is an iOS app that has been designed to set reminders and help you to complete them well within the designated time slot. Due makes use of the uncanny snooze settings that make it next to impossible for you disregard any alert as unimportant. The distinct feature of the app is its alerts creation screen which includes a grid of varying time durations that you can simply tap to add/subtract time to/from your reminder. The time durations range from minutes and hours to even days. New reminders can be set as well as edits can be rendered to the old reminders by a simple tap while the newly created or edited reminders can be saved simply by swiping in any direction on the screen.

Due is a minimalist app not intended to perform a number of complex tasks simultaneously but does efficiently what it has been designed to do-remind you of your one-off tasks. If you are wary of yourself forgetting any stuff, then this is definitely the app you must try.

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