Thursday, 2 April 2015

Get Yourself Organized with Todoist: Your New Task manager App

Hey friends! It’s been a pretty hectic week yet I decided to take some time out of my busy schedule for my latest piece. Talking of schedule, I would like you to introduce you to this task manager app for iOS called Todoist. My daily schedules, tasks and goals have been greatly influenced by this app over the last few days. They say time flies and well Todoist is the best thing that can help you get grasp of this ruthless entity. 

The outlook of the app is quite cool as the developers have included 9 color themes in addition to the default white and red color. All your relevant information and tabs are presented in a non-cluttered fashion while the intuitive gestures add flamboyance to the app. The tasks are displayed with colored side bars to the left representing their priority levels while the colored dots to the right depict the project to which they belong. 

The app includes a “New Task” button which will let you quickly add your new task to your inbox. Intelligent Input feature has also been provided to facilitate the user in adding the new tasks without entering too much details albeit the user is asked to enter project, label and priority of the task. The users can also collaborate by assigning tasks, setting reminders and adding new projects. Another interesting feature of the app is the Karma system using which the app awards you points for completing the tasks in time and achieving your goals. 

Overall, Todoist is a very handy app to have in your armoury. If you are someone who wants to lead a structured and organized home and official life, then you will not be disappointed by what Todoist has to offer you.

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