Monday, 30 March 2015

Sharing Weather Conditions: Nothing of the Past

Hello people!!! I know it’s been a slightly longer gap than usual. The last week and a half was like a whirlwind to me and you won’t believe where I had been to, to spend my semester break. A friend of mine, hailing from Auckland New Zealand invited me to come down under and also witness the exclusive spectacle taking place in her country. The country had been gripped by the sensational game of cricket since the mid of February. Having heard so much about the game of Cricket from her, I was definitely intrigued as well. Also, the thought of travelling across the marvelous island of New Zealand further ignited a desire in me to spend the semester break with my friend.

So people, off I went!!! At the airport, the immigration officer, about to stamp my passport asked me which team was going to win the world cup. To be honest, I was caught off-guard but then I remember having muttered the words “New Zealand” and the officer smirked. Since that moment, I felt as if I had been traversing through a very fast paced dream. We made a trip to the idyllic Taupo on the way to Hamilton.Then we had an unforgettable excursion to the Waikato River flowing seamlessly into the Huka falls. “Waikato River is the only waterway in the Southern Hemisphere which flows from the South to the North”, told by my friend. I was also lucky enough to behold the amazing game of Cricket between New Zealand and Australia at Eden Park Auckland. And finally New Zealand prevailed in that ripper of a game after a tantalizing finish.

Amidst all the fun and adventure, the archipelago Vanuatu was struck by the disastrous tropical cyclone Pam. Certain areas of New Zealand were also under threat and I was fortunate to be in possession of the Best Weather App for iPhone and iPad. WeatherMate kept me updated with the latest severe weather alerts, warnings, watchings, statements and advisories. My family members warned me of the approaching storm through the radar imagery simply by giving a couple of taps in the app, to share the on-screen information via email, facebook and twitter.

Finally, I am back among my people after a holiday worth remembering and writing this new post for you guys. It was quite sobering to see the extent havoc wreaked by the ruthless storm in Vanuatu and quite liberating to observe how those people were coping against such hardships. What was also quite uplifting was that despite all the rumours going around about the unpredictable weather, I and my family were thoroughly updated with the latest localized weather forecasts!!!

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