Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Keeping the weather watchers updated right down to the minute!

Right then guys! Here I am yet again! I know you must be curious that I keep on extolling the virtues of WeatherMate in my writings quite often as I did in my last blog but I haven’t yet introduced you to the amazing application. Now I’m wondering why haven’t I done so? Alas! Well instead of ruing that I didn’t, I should get going with the business then!  
WeatherMate is being proclaimed by the developers as a must-have for weather geeks interested in knowing the minutest of weather details. The app offers a serene blend of accurate weather data and aesthetically designed user interface while the accompanying subtle animations add to the simplicity and elegance of the app’s demeanor.
The application makes use of cutting edge technology to portray the current temperature of any location in the WeatherMate’s icon on the device’s Home Screen. The Personal Weather Stations feature of the app utilizes scores of weather monitoring platforms set up in a number of neighborhoods all throughout the US to present hyper-local weather updates.
The app also lets the user see what the temperature actually feels like, with information on Wind Speed and Direction, Chance of Precipitation, Visibility, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Cloud Cover, UV Index, Wind Chill, Dew Point, Sunrise Time, Sunset Time and much more. Furthermore, the app depicts high resolution animated weather radar maps in bright vivid colors.
The app enables the users to track weather history of any place in the world at any specified time. It allows connectivity with National Weather Service radio for official alerts, watches, forecasts and other pertinent hazard information. Moreover, severe weather alerts keep updated with precise and accurate weather conditions in one’s vicinity. The app’s compatibility with iOS 8 to go with the high quality retina display, makes it all the more fun to use.
The Travel Planner feature makes use of the historical weather data for a certain location and utilizes advanced algorithms to predict for the site’s weather in the distant future. The app fetches weather and map data from the almighty Weather Underground. The developers have recently incorporated additional units of weather measurement such hectopascal, knots, beaufort etc. The app talks as well! WeatherMate can read you out the weather conditions at the tap of your fingers. 
For those on the relentless prowl for the best free weather app for iPhone and iPad, this one is definitely worth having a go at! Double thumbs up to the developers from my end

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