Monday, 16 March 2015

Yet another Photo Editor: Darkroom

Photography has always been my favorite leisure time pursuit ever since I was a little kid. I still remember when my dad used to take me to the creek in the woods for fishing; we would spend a lot of time capturing pictures, using our magnificent Nikon F80/N80, of the idyllic natural views in the surroundings. On our way back home, apart from the innocent anticipation of getting some fish to eat, I always had the overwhelming eagerness to watch my father attach his exquisite camera with his PC, transfer the pictures of the day onto it and then carry out some elementary editing on them. As years passed by and technology got more and more sophisticated; I became older and got possession of my beloved Apple gadgets. But taking photographs and then editing them continues to cast an enchanting spell on me to this day.
But now I have a number of photo editing applications for my iPhone that I can use to play with my pictures anywhere any time. You must be remembering that some time back I did a piece on Pixelmator, a powerful image editing app for iPad. Darkroom-Photo Editor  is one of the latest image editors in the market and I have been quite fascinated with the effectiveness that it promises to supply. In accordance with the app’s name, the interface is full of dark themes. Once in the app, accessing the pictures in your Camera Roll does not remain much of a hard work. The developers have provided a button, tapping onto which you can access your pictures and the different photo albums that you have set up in your iPhone.
Darkroom provides a number of editing options such as Crop, Filter, Adjust, Curves and History. The drawback with cropping is that the app does not allow custom settings for aspect ratios while the filters option in the app does not provide any novel additions, it certainly produces eye-catching results. The user can adjust Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Temperature etc. using the sliders. In order to use the Curves feature of the app, you will have to purchase it. But it is an impressive addition which enables the user to select either any of the Red, Green and Blue channels or all of them. The graph contains blacks, shadows, mid-tones, highlights and whites which can be adjusted by touching and dragging the line at multiple points.
Overall, it is an interesting app and has certainly caught my eye. You should also have a go at it. I hope you won’t be disappointed!

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