Monday, 2 March 2015

Mail Pilot 2: Get a Structured Email Inbox

I have come across several people who have had serious issues with their emails. Some say that handling loads of emails irks them massively and so they have been looking for a clutter-free email inbox, one that could stack their emails up in as structured a manner as possible. So, I, generally, am on a constant prowl for such iOS apps which can solve their issues with emails. Last week, I happened to get acquainted with a new app “Mail Pilot 2” and thought to do a small piece on it. Enough of talking and let’s get started with the work then!!!

Mail Pilot 2 has come up with a nice, simple and decent user interface; one which is eye-catching because of the subtle combination of colors used in its various themes. The app arranges the emails in the order they are received and gives your inbox a unique outlook of a sort of check list. Swiping gestures are used to navigate around in the app. The user can set up as many standard IMAP email accounts as desired as the app sets no such restriction in this regard.

The main view of the app is your inbox in which the mails are featured in a chronological order. The user can perform tasks such as reply, reply all, forwarding, moving email to another folder, delete, add to archive etc. The app lets you append attachments through iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and Camera Roll import. My experience while appending attachments with the app was rather disturbing since the app froze or crashed whenever I tapped the attachment button.

New messages can be checked using pull-to-refresh gesture, however, its proximity with pulling the screen down for Notification Centre is a bit vexing. If you happen to set up multiple email accounts in the app, you can have customized signatures, aliases, themes and folders for each email account. Overall, the app needs some fine tuning to be done by the developers. But you can certainly have a look at the app for yourself and decide what suits you the most!

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