Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Save Your Money through Saver 2!!!

People we have been exploring a variety of handy tools for our Apple gadgets that can help us manage our emails, work around with documents and even editing pictures. If you have been looking for a useful tool that can help you keep track of your spendings, manage your income and expenditure and save a few bucks, then Saver 2, the new app for iOS looks to be a good option. The app boasts an attractive and a far from cluttered graphical interface with a darkish background. The icons and tabs are arranged in a structured manner and ease out the complications involved in inputting the transactions. 

The “New Expense” button present in the footer enables the users add new transactions after which the app directs you to the selection of the expense category or an income source. Notes and images can also be added with each transaction as and when required.  The balance tab lets you scan the daily transactions that you have incurred and while the calendar view makes it easier to access to access the day-to-day expenses and incomes with red and green dots.  

The users can also set goals for themselves and assign them relevant photographs which the app will use to continuously remind them regarding their goals (Challenge yourself won’t you?). The monthly graph is another good feature that displays the expenses against relevant categories for a certain month. The app, however, does not cater to the handling of multiple bank accounts and credit cards. The paid version of the app has additional features which can be explored. Overall, it is a decent app and seems a handy proposition if you are not willing to spend much.

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