Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Pixelmator: Powerful Image Editor for iPad

Well guys amidst such pleasant temperatures (thankfully no scare of an impending blizzard notwithstanding I have the tips and apps for winter survival during the blizzard ready!), I thought why not sit down on my couch and share with you what I feel about another of the newer apps for the iOS platform. You know how much adoration I have for travelling and adventures while my beloved Apple gadgets are always there to accompany me during my pursuits. “Pixelmator” is a new picture and graphics editing tool for iPad that has been hallowed since its launch last year and I have found it to be extremely handy while playing with all the memorable pictures that I had taken with my iPad Air during my excursion to the Midwest.
Pixelmator allows you to open your pictures into its built-in templates which fall into categories such as collage, frame effect, card design, poster, photography and vintage. Editing of photos is made a hell lot easier by the layer-based functionality that the app has to offer; thereby allowing the user to add as many effects as desired to each layer! The interface is absolutely clutter-free as the tools and commands are stacked together in the upper right hand corner in the form of four menus. Repositioning and resizing of images or parts thereof can be easily carried out using the guides that appear along with circluar handles of different colors.
Tons of options have been provided while working with the layers. The users can alter their opacity, modify their positions in the layer stack and can choose lots of other customizable options such as blending modes, fill, stroke, shadow, color and reflection offsets. Simultaneously, you can do millions of things with the text as the app offers a pretty nice array of formatting options. I have been very impressed by the repair tool which lets you get rid of the surrounding offending region in your photographs! This calls for a sigh of relief! Ain’t it? Color and hue balances can also be manipulated using the color curves. To find out more about the app, you will have to have a look at it yourself! I hope that you will like it!

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