Sunday, 22 February 2015

Microsoft Word for iOS-The Omnipresent Word Processor for All Platforms

It’s been a while guys since I posted an article. Well, I had been exceptionally busy over the past couple of weeks. Had a few engagements at my university, then the weekend parties were a real grind!!! But here I am now thinking what should I post on? And yes the answer is pretty simple. During the course of attempting my university assignments, I came across another of great apps recently added to Apple’s repertoire: Microsoft Word for both iPhone and iPad! The app’s really cool to be honest. The word processor helped me immensely during the document creation and editing. Actually the simple user interface proved to be pretty handy.
The most significant incentive introduced is that the users can edit documents without having to buy the paid version as was the case some time back. In fact, the differences between the free and paid versions are quite subtle. For those, whose usage is limited to merely utilizing the basic features including formatting, editing, user of charts and tables etc.; the free version would come in very handy. However, if you are an advanced user and intend to perform some complex functions using the almighty word processor, then you are in dire need of purchasing Office 365. Some of the professional features included in Office 365 are page layout, working with columns, sections and tracking changes.
A key addition to the Microsoft Word for iOS is the integration with Dropbox. This will help you store and share files and documents using your Dropbox account. However, I found out that I was not able to work flawlessly with the files saved on Dropbox and every now and then the app would display small malfunctions whenever a file was being edited by multiparties.
Overall, the app is really nice one as the developers will be looking forward to add more and more functionalities. The fact that you can edit documents using your iPhone is a truly attractive proposition!

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