Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Science, not unlike many of you, has been my fascination ever since I was a little kid. And if you’ve just started starting my blog, you can guess that I’m almost becoming an Apple geek! The whole thought of it drives me with an unassailable urge to explore, to discover, to unearth the hidden! The latest interactive app Molecules for iPhone and iPad is one of a kind which augments a whole new dimension to learning. One may regard it as an ebook in the guise of an app. The stunningly beautiful 3-dimensional illustrations are enough to magnetically attract the science enthusiasts towards it.
You may traverse Molecules chronologically or jump to the topic of your liking! Totally up to you! The table of contents is brilliantly oriented with rotating high resolution images. The real beauty of the app lies in the simplicity that resides underneath the fantastically designed user interface. The way it relates the most perplexing of scientific processes with the users’ everyday experiences is marvelous to say the least. The app also encompasses various household items, their chemical compositions and interesting facts about them.
On the iPhone’s smaller screen, the user can reduce the text’s font size and alternate between the black and white background colors. The different simulations let you play with the diverse molecular structures, tweaking and turning them in varying environments. The brief descriptions complement the images and add vigor to them. Moreover, the app also allows the user to test the molecules of different substances using the basic principles of thermodynamics.

“Molecules” is an excellent choice for your kids to learn from. It has the ability to engage them vibrantly in learning about the material word as it makes learning a lot of fun and encourages the kids to discover for themselves. But even if you are a parent or an adult, you will definitely be pulled towards the wonderful MOLECULES.

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