Tuesday, 17 February 2015

WeatherMate: Must-have for the Lazy Bums!

Partied all night long? Suffering from a hangover so ferocious that all you wish to do is to keep lying on your cozy bed without having to do anything? Yes, this happens almost every weekend with me. The relentless grind of the entire week is so exhausting! Ahhh, the ringing of the telephone! The high pitched shrieking of the boss! The never-ending stress of getting rid of the assigned official tasks! And then to further rub salt on the wounds, go to the health care specialist for my regular examination just to make sure all my limbs and organs are working fine, or are they really? Life becomes but a miserable routine to be followed all through the wretched week!
And then comes what everyone keeps yearning for! A glorious, magnificent and luxurious WEEKEND! “Let’s go party tonight!” becomes the rage. The friends get together. Which place to hang out? Everyone throws up his/her ideas and then as is mostly the case, we choose our favorite “Puzzles”. Lovely place to spend your leisure time at; full of energy; glittering with shimmering lights; cool ambience; and glossy outlook! Just the fragrance of the place drives us mad. And the incredible thumping of the dance floor with the high-bass, super fast dance beats are just awesome! The drama continues all night. Laughing and giggling and dancing to the amazing songs as the Disk Jockey (DJ) casts his stupendous spell on all the folks.

I wake up next morning, not knowing where I am? What I had been doing the whole night? I do not want to open my eyes. Yet my hand almost involuntarily searches for my smart phone without mustering enough strength to open my eyes. Somehow I do open them and have to unlock my phone, search through my apps to end up with my weather app. The app takes quite a lot of time to get loaded and then the interface lets me know what the weather is like. Then I say to myself would that I were to know of the day’s temperature without having to wait for such an excruciatingly long time.
Hang on! My wish has come true! WeatherMate-The best free weather app for iPhone and iPad is a new weather application that makes use of cutting edge technology to show the current temperature of any location right on my iPhone’s home screen! The app automatically updates accurate temperature and displays it in the WeatherMate’s icon on my Home Screen. No longer do I have to undergo all that turmoil of scrolling through my phone and searching for the weather app to determine the day’s temperature. Really a useful app for all the lazy bums out there!

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