Thursday, 19 March 2015

Workflow: Key to Unlocking iOS 8’s Automation Potential

There are a number of tasks on our Apple gadgets that we do repetitively, time and again, or sometimes we want a brisk access to certain things without putting in any extra effort at all. Thats where the Automation comes into play: faster results, lesser work! I’ve finally got my hands on this wonderful application. Believe you me, I was sceptical about this app, spooked a bit in fact, since the term workflow rings alarms in minds of bummers such as me. But once I got into it, I would want to keep going.

The app has a phenomenal user interface that syncs well with the iOS 8’s design. Differently colored rectangular shaped workflows are juxtaposed on the main screen along with the Create Workflow button. Tapping on a workflow directs you to the workflow graph which gives an account of the individual actions comprising the workflow. You can also add new workflows (if you like one!) from the Get Workflow button. 

You can also use your creativity to add new workflows by utilizing the numerous actions provided in the app. These actions are categorized into Maps, Music, Photos, Web etc. and can be added using tap and drag gesture or through a handle on the right edge. The user can also choose the workflow type such as Text, URLs, Images etc. The created workflow can then be activated using the Play button at the top of the screen.

You really do not have to be a script wizard to use Workflow. A common user such as me can easily get to the know the app thanks to the drag and drop gestures. You Apple gadget can be transformed into an amazing tool via this cool app. I’m in love with this one and strongly recommend it to you. Believe you me!!! There are millions of reasons for falling in love with this exquisite app!!!

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