Friday, 13 March 2015

An App for the Movie Fans

All of us have been intrigued by movies since our childhood and I have been no exception in this regard. My email inbox has been bombarded with quite a few mails from my friends who expressed their concern over the fact that I had not done any piece on some application designed to keep track of movies. So, I promised that I would definitely come up with a review of an app specifically designed to achieve this purpose. This week I came across Plot-Discover and Track Movies and decided to do a piece on it.
The app boasts a cool user interface with a wine-red colored header and slightly grayish toolbar featuring a red accent button in the middle. The outlook of the app with well proportioned movie icons and stickers is extremely eye-catching and blends in magnificently with the aesthetics of iOS 8. By creating an account, the user gets access to his/her friends already present on Twitter and can thereby keep track of their recommended movies and movie reviews.
The users can search movies using a button in the top right of any screen and can view the trailer of the searched movie through an embedded movie player. The app also allows the user to add the movie to the watch-list or tag it as watched. The app fetched its data from The Movies Database and gives the user access to scores of reviews, casts, celebrity info, pictures, synopsis, genres and much more.
The users can also add their mini-reviews in the app but these reviews have to be short and concise and can also be shared via Facebook or Twitter. The app also gives push notifications to the user for movies included in the watch-list once they have been released. The movies featuring in the Collections by the editorial team are worth seeing and carry with them very fine reviews from a number of authentic sources.
For the movie buffs, this is a very nice app to have in your apple gadget. I am definitely addicted to. Are you?

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