Thursday, 5 March 2015

Week Weather-Know your Weather Forecast for the Week

Everyone knows WeatherMate is my personal favorite weather app in terms of the phenomenal outlook, super authentic forecast, and many other stunning features. But it does not mean that I stop checking other weather apps out. Doesn’t it? Well this new weather app Week Weather looks at weather from a different perspective. You can have a glimpse at what this week’s weather is going to be like by having a look at the app’s home screen.

The home screen of the app, in its default mode, appears like seven columns representing the seven days of the week spread onto the screen and depicting the forecast for the whole seven days while the hours are scribbled in the left-most column. This view can let you know the weather condition for any specific time of the day. The app further boasts six different weather views including general, temperature, clouds, precipitation, wind and humidity.
For multiple locations, one location at a time has to be selected in order to determine the weather conditions for that location. Settings can be accessed by swiping the app from the right which lets the user change the color scheme and units only. The lack of customization options is certainly a turn-off for the weather fanatics. The app fetches its weather related data from Norwegian Meteorological Institute. However, I discovered the accurateness of the data to be a bit questionable.

Overall, the app looks like a spreadsheet opened in Microsoft Excel’s workbook. While the idea behind the app looks cool, but its implementation has not been great. Week Weather certainly will not be able to make a mark for the weather buffs. Loosely speaking, the app is decent but for those of you who want a comprehensive app encompassing all the unique features, then Week Weather is not the one!

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